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2QuoteItNow Platform


2QuoteItNow platform is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product that automates the Quote and Contracting business process for Retail Electric Providers (REP). Using our platform, the REP can create quotes, and update pricing on existing quotes, from any device with Internet Explorer (PC, Laptop, NetBook, PDA or Smart Phones running Windows Mobile OS), any time of day or night.

The 2QuoteItNow platform can:

- Help you process as many quotes and contracts as your sales force can work on in a day. 
- Support large sales organizations, including Inside Sales, Direct or Indirect Sales, Call Centers, Broker Networks, and MLM Networks.
- Process single-meter quotes instantly, and quotes with over 1,000 meters in multiple service areas in just a few minutes.
- Allow you to treat every customer as a VIP and create customized pricing based on the customer's usage requirements. You can price quote for small commercial, commercial, and industrial csutomers with the same ease and fast response.
- Eliminate manual process obstacles, enabling you to focus on customer acquisition instead.

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