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Red Maple

Advanced Credit Cards for Microsoft Dynamics AX

by Red Maple

Certified PCI compliant, Red Maple‘s Advanced Credit Cards ensures that credit card data is secure during the storage and transmission of credit card data by including application encryption out of the box. With Red Maple‘s Advanced Credit Cards, no additional configuration is necessary to, ensure sensitive credit card data is never stored unencrypted, restrict all users from seeing sensitive credit card data, and provide security features required for PCI compliance for applications processing credit cards.
Red Maple‘s Advanced Credit Cards includes Payment Application Best Practices (PABP) certification which conforms to Visa‘s PCI-DSS requirements for merchants. All application encryption uses the .Net 2.0 encryption framework which means that data is secure without any additional database implementation or setup. Red Maple‘s Advanced Credit Cards includes additional tools and processors for companies that generate business outside the United States.
Red Maple’s Advanced Credit Cards enhances the standard functionality available in Microsoft Dynamics™ AX by providing the following features:
- Additional processors to meet your business needs.
- Support for processing in most countries (depending on processor).
- Web services to facilitate ecommerce transactions and processing.
- 3D Secure functionality (depending on processor).
- Accept more than one credit card on an order.
- Enhanced functionality for manufacturers and distributors to facilitate back orders and multiple shipments.
- Capability of processing and operating without storing card data (depending on processor).

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