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AnyView Information Delivery System (AnyView IDS)


Can’t find the information you need in your database? AnyView IDS is the answer. If you see a field in your database that you want on a report, you just search for that field in AnyView IDS and easily learn what table it comes from. That’s called Metadata Searching and it’s one of the MANY exciting things AnyView IDS can do to improve your business intelligence.

Many organizations are overwhelmed by too much data and not enough accurate and timely information. AnyVIew IDS addresses these issues by providing tools that:
- Collect data from multiple databases
- Label data with names that make sense
- Allow formatting based on your rules
- Provide anytime anywhere real-time access to your data
- View queries with your choice of viewers
-Build a query once, and deploy it across the organization

IDS is a web-enabled application that collects, organizes, manages and displays business information when and where you need it.

With AnyView IDS, you benefit from:
- Hierarchical View of Data
- Grouping and Sub-totaling on the fly
- Quick Filter of Data
- Unlimited Search Criteria
- Easy Report Building

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