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AppPortal Marketplace

by FullArmor Corporation

AppPortal Marketplace is a fully centralized application catalog management and turnkey marketplace with an integrated software delivery/ecommerce/billing engine. Designed for the enterprise, it focuses on business processes around departmental budgeting, ordering and tracking of physical and digital assets through a centralized IT or Operations process. It supports digital downloads as well as traditional licensing and subscription models.

◾Intuitive, application catalog with specifications, screenshots, demos, ratings, reviews etc.
◾Public or private cloud-based scalable marketplace
◾Fully integrated software delivery / ecommerce / billing
◾Supports traditional license and subscription models
◾Complete set of business process workflows
◾Digital downloads, application archiving and license tracking
◾Comprehensive reporting and analytics

Customer Benefits
◾Centralized order management of digital and physical assets across the enterprise
◾Open API’s available for integration directly with vendor’s ordering and fulfillment systems
◾Independent departmental catalogs and storefronts for the enterprise
◾Integration with internal budgeting and asset tracking software
◾Customizable departmental catalogs and storefronts based on individual department needs
◾Business workflows that support centralized approval and processing of orders

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