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BOSS-Referent Company: ECM Built on the SharePoint 2010 Platform

by Aplana

BOSS-Referent 2010 has been developed by the order of I.T. Co Group in cooperation of 3 leading companies, each famous in its own domain. BOSS-Referent Company – founder of BOSS-Referent Product line and expert in ECM systems, Microsoft Corporation – leading provider of state-of-art technologies and Aplana Software – expert in software product development.

BOSS-Referent is one of in the leading brands in the market of document and unstructured information management systems. The first DMS under a brand BOSS-Referent has appeared almost 15 years ago and for today it is used by more than 300 thousand employees of various companies across all Russia.

BOSS-Referent 2010 harnesses both Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft Office 2010 capabilities as an integrated platform and is notable for its own innovative user interface, providing a universal workplace for any type of user.

There are several main features which make BOSS-Referent 2010 so unique and innovative:

- The concept of a customizable workplace which allows the user to work with information and documents from different information systems in a universal way. Access to data across integrated applications is provided through the “widgets” interface where every application could be represented with one or several widgets. Widget is an entry point to the application and it can represent a subset of application information which is required for a current user or show some KPIs, allowing the user workspace to look like a digital dashboard.

- The second distinctive feature and advantage realized by Aplana experts is an “animated Pivot” module. It is a simple BI-instrument which allows users to work with lots of information entities in a very intuitive way. Users can filter/sort/analyze information from different integrated applications in a universal way.

- Another innovation brought to BOSS-Referent 2010 is working with documents. In BOSS-Referent 2010system, the content of the document is presented in the first place, and the attributes are secondary.

- BOSS-Referent 2010 fully supports a “touch” interface so users can turn pages of the document by fingers, simulating “paper” document reading.

- Often when a user is working with a document they need to look at related documents. BOSS-Referent 2010 supports “dual documents” mode where a user can read two documents at the same time.

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