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Clear C2, Inc.

The C2 Portal is your passage to C2 and beyond, granting you a personalized desktop view, easily linking to your calendar and e-mail so that you may organize your favorite views, and add personal photos.

The C2 Customer Loyalty Portal is also your window to sharing information with supply chain partners and customers - customize their access based on their identity and the level of their relationship with your organization.

A customer relationship management solution should not be a drain to your business. It should be easy to learn, simple to implement and affordable for today's small and mid-sized business (SMB). That's C2CRM. 

C2CRM is designed from over 10 years of exhaustive research about what the SMB market needs. It's affordable. It's simple to learn and use. And its browser-based design means everyone can use it instantly.

C2CRM offers the power and flexibility usually reserved for custom CRM solutions, with the easy use and implementation typically associated with contact managers. There's simply nothing like C2CRM and it's ready to help your business improve productivity, increase sales and boost your bottom line.

Your business must become customer centric to survive in today's volatile business environment. Your products and services MUST address the needs of the customer. C2CRM can transform your business into a customer-focused competitor poised to react quickly to meet challenging market needs.

C2CRM streamlines your sales process by providing real-time information on leads, prospects and customers. It improves your marketing efforts by tracking which marketing initiatives work and which ones do not. It streamlines your customer service by providing comprehensive customer information. Your service team will help customers faster and more efficiently which ultimately improves customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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