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Success Sciences

Communication Coach Simulation Learning System

by Success Sciences

Communication Coach is designed to build interpersonal skills by using customized scenarios, simulating inbound or outbound customer calls, or any in-person conversation. It incorporates your best practices into an easy to use tool to dramatically improve the skills and confidence of your employees.

Common Applications:
- During Training: It provides great learning examples, and critical skill practice opportunity.
- Post-Training: It provides the skill practice and feedback needed to assure that learners develop full competence before talking with customers.

Experienced Performers – It enables them to:
- continuously improve their skills.
- support deployment of new products and services.
- practice handling infrequent or difficult conversations.

Why It’s So Effective:
- Your new hires will build skills rapidly, without having to practice on your actual customers.
- Brief practice sessions can easily fit around working schedules.
- Learners experience a safe learning environment, where they can experiment and refine their skills.
- Learners will build the skills that most impact customer loyalty - an employee’s ability to communicate powerfully with customers.
- You will enable all of your employees to consistently perform at the level of your best performers.
- Supervisors can provide highly focused coaching, based on the ideal model and the learner’s recordings.
- It’s simple to use and requires no special technology investment.

What Are Some Results?
Clients have documented success in such areas as:
- Significantly increasing sales, collections, and improving service quality.
- Creating a rapid increase in the competence and confidence of new hire reps.
- Decreasing employee attrition by reducing the stress of adapting to a new job.
- Reducing operational expenses due to reductions in average call handling time.
- Decreasing the incidences of employees not complying with legal or regulatory requirements.

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