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Compact Framework Remoting

by As Good As It Gets, LLC

As Good As It Gets Compact Framework Remoting (CF.Remoting) is an SDK compatible with the desktop .NET Remoting infrastructure. CF.Remoting is designed for developing and deploying services on Windows CE/Mobile powered devices. It provides a runtime environment for your services, enabling you to consume other services as CLR types. Because our libraries are compatible with the full .NET Framework Remoting, you can leverage your current desktop development skill set when creating mobile applications in C# or Visual Basic. You can also reuse the same business logic and data access code that you use in your desktop application. **Although in theory you could build services without CF.Remoting, in practice building services is significantly easier with CF.Remoting. CF.Remoting is As Good As It Gets' implementation of a set of industry standards defining service interactions, type conversion, marshaling, and various protocols' management. Because of that, CF.Remoting provides interoperability between services on both mobile devices and desktop/servers.
The .NET Compact Framework does not support remoting, which makes As Good As It Gets CF.Remoting product one of the only frameworks for Windows-based handheld devices. We are closing the gap between .NET Compact Framework and desktop .NET Framework by bringing you the power of standard remoting right onto your device.
Developing for devices, using any tool, is still a specialty. It's clear that developers and customers need to get faster (and they are). The performance of the Web services available on the Compact Framework is … well, you know it. What would you say if your application worked 10 to 100 times faster if Web service layer was replaced with remoting? What would you say if the network bandwidth your device consumes was 20% of what you have to deal with the Web Services? CF.Remoting provides developers with the essential off-the-shelf plumbing required by almost any application, and as such, it greatly increases productivity. The release of CF.Remoting provides many useful facilities for developing services, proxy generators, service instance management, synchronous calls, call contexts, support for ObjRefs and security. CF.Remoting also has an elegant extensibility model that you can use to enrich the basic offering. In fact, CF.Remoting itself is written using this extensibility model. Most all of the CF.Remoting functionality is included in a single assembly called AsGoodAsItGets.Remoting.dll in the AsGoodAsItGets.System.Runtime.Remoting namespace.

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