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Compact Framework Serialization

by As Good As It Gets, LLC

As Good As It Gets Compact Framework Serialization (CF.Serialization) is compatible with the desktop .NET BinaryFormatter, no smoke and mirrors. Yes, that is right – serialize your data on your server/desktop via standard BinaryFormatter implemented by Microsoft and process it on your device with As Good As It Gets CF.Serialization. We are the world's first to release the .NET Compact Framework serialization component library providing seamless integration with BinaryFormatter and other serialization classes available on full .NET Framework.
If you don't have the time to write your own custom serialization routines and would like to get a serialization facility for your C# or Visual Basic applications on the .NET Compact Framework, the As Good As It Gets' CF.Serialization is what you are looking for.
Say no more to performance and memory issues of the XmlSerializer, you can safely serialize/deserialize complex cyclic object graphs in compact binary form:
-Save them in a disk file or a database and then restore it the next time the application is run.
-Copy them to the system's clipboard and then paste into the same or other application.
-Clone and set aside as a backup while a user manipulates the main set of objects.
-Send them over the network to a process running on another machine.
Besides being 100% compatible with full .NET Framework BinaryFormatter the CF.Serialization also supports serialization surrogates for the following popular classes/successors of:
-Generic Dictionary / Dictionary(Of TKey, TValue).
-Generic LinkedList / LinkedList(Of T).
Our formatters are about twice faster in serialization/deserialization of the DataSets on Compact Framework and resulting files are about thrice smaller than DataSet's XML serialization file.
The CF.Serialization has been written entirely in managed code, specifically targeted within the constraints of a mobile platform. It is simple to use and has been designed with data migration in mind.

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