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CompareCare is a web based health care transparency application that has set the standard for providing health care information to consumers.

Your state or organization responsible for health care quality can move forward today with a proven solution that provides the performance and quality measures that you select. Don’t make the mistakes others have, and avoid the risks involved in processing and publicizing what can be extremely controversial in your communities.

Your organization needs to spend its time and energy on policy, and working with industry stakeholders. Let us perform the data processing and implement the risk adjustments and methodologies on your data according to your policy. With our recent work and current solution in Florida, we are at the forefront of public reporting for the health care industry. For example, we are tracking the standards as they evolve, such as 3M’s refined readmission rate methodology which will help match admissions to prior visits to a facility, and we will be first to make these available to our customers and to the public.

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