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Nodus Technologies, Inc.

Credit Card Advantage - Secure Credit Card and eCheck Processing

by Nodus Technologies, Inc.

This powerful solution goes beyond just standard credit card processing! Credit Card Advantage speeds and simplifies credit card and eCheck/ACH processing from the instant a transaction is processed to end-of-the-month reconciliation. Faster approval times and automatic data transfer to your Microsoft Dynamics accounting solution increase productivity, reduce overhead, and streamline operations.

Product Features Include:

- Strong & Secure Encryption & Card Number Protection
- Real-Time & Batch Mode Verification
- Automatic Reconciliation
- End of Day Procedures
- Card Transaction Reports
- Level 2 and Level 3 Verification
- Advanced Fault Protection (AVS, ZIP & CVV2 Validation)
- Merchant Account Services
- Support Different Payment Gateways
- Card Swiping & Track Data

Credit Card Advantage gives you the power and flexibility to add more functionality to your accounting solution. With our optional integrated eCommerce, Online Bill Pay, Web-based Sales Order Entry solutions, you will empower your employees and your business. Start verifying credit card info from sales transaction screens in as little as 15 minutes. Tight integration with multiple payment gateways, processors, and back office environments delivers flexible, reliable credit card processing from your first transaction on.

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