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Rockton Software

Dynamics GP Toolbox

by Rockton Software

Dynamics GP Toolbox is a collection of tools our customers have asked for! The Dynamics GP Toolbox foundation was built by combining popular products to arm our customers with more ways to simplify their day-to-day operations in Microsoft Dynamics GP. It doesn't matter if you are a system administrator or an end-user, Dynamics GP Toolbox has something for everyone!


Security: Tools that make the system more secure. Tools include: Password Policy Options, Inactivity Timeout, User Lockout, Safe Login, Redirect and Security Manager.

Administration: Tools that help the System Administrator. Tools include: Version Pro, Login Logging, System Maintenance Lockout and Conditional Field Level Security.

Business Processes: Tools that improve specific modules. Tools include: Reason for Hold, DocSync, Payment Approval, Period Open/Close and Reset Batches.

User Experience: Tools that make the Microsoft Dynamics GP experience simpler and easier. Tools include: Mentor, Inspector, Auto Login, PopUps and Widgets.

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