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Earned Value Management Solution

by QuantumPM, Inc.

The QuantumPM Earned Value Management (EVM) solution enforces project management best practices and guidelines in an easy-to-follow methodology. The solution enables the project team to control project scope and allows the organization to produce valuable metrics, whether they use Microsoft Project as a stand-alone desktop application or as an integrated EPM solution.

Our unique solution combines the power of the WBS for scope management with the already powerful scheduling engine of Microsoft Project. With these key best practices integrated into one powerful tool, the user gains the ability to manage scope, budget, schedule, and EVM reporting in one place. QuantumPM’s EVM solution improves accuracy and efficiency for the project manager and streamlines program control and reporting for the entire organization.

QuantumPM offers the tools and training needed to understand Earned Value Management concepts as well as a full set of EVM services including EVM consulting, training, compliance, process and EVM solution implementation, as well as Business System and Process Integration.

1. QuantumPM’s Earned Value Manager provides full Earned Value Management capabilities including budget, work package and control account definition, Earned Value Reporting, and financial importing. It enables the user to follow PMI best practice guidelines for determining the work to be done on a project.

2. QuantumPM’s WBS Director works in conjunction with EVM and uses a graphical interface to build a work breakdown structure (WBS) that is noun-based and focused on work packages and deliverables.

The two products work together to assist the project manager with scope management, requirements change control, and earned value reporting.

QuantumPM offers the training needed to understand Earned Value Management concepts and the value it provides. It incorporates the use of QuantumPM’s WBS Director and Earned Value Manager and gives the user the knowledge they need to manage scope, budget, schedule, and successfully complete EVM reporting.

Training can be purchased in conjunction with the purchase of the Earned Value Manager tool for a complete solution to address your Earned Value needs!

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