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Easy Security

by Mergetool.com

Easy Security for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a solution that makes it very easy to set up permissions for multiple users across multiple groups and companies – saving you time, money and resources when setting up security for NAV.


- Works in RoleTailored and Classic Client
- Record permissions with the SQL Profiler or the Client Monitor
- Add relations based on source code works as a Data Dictionary for the customer’s source code as well
- Easy to limit access to critical objects (for example, Form-Level Security on G/L Entries)
- Create groups of roles and companies to simplify administration
- Use "Permissions as User ID"
- Explode permissions for a login to verify permissions before activating in Live
- Work with permissions offline, publish when ready
- Ability to always go back to previous permissions with Restore Points
- Export and import between live and test databases for Restore Points, Recordings and Built Roles
- Statistical information for easy overview of relations
- Easily add multiple roles or objects
- Where-used for roles, objects and companies
- German, Danish and Dutch language packs
- Works with all application versions running 3.70 executable or later
- No modifications or merge required, all new objects

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Must have for more than 20 users

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