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Enterprise Alert - Alert Notifications and Smartphone Apps for System Center

by Derdack

Enterprise Alert is an enterprise notification and mobile incident response software complementing Microsoft System Center 2012 with advanced notifications, on-call team support, communication automation and remote IT management capabilities.

Integrating seamlessly and deeply with Microsoft System Center, Enterprise Alert starts a new era of incident notification, immediate response and incident resolution for IT operations and on-call services based on Microsoft System Center:

• Reliable and mobile alert notifications and mobile incident response for Microsoft System Center (Integration with SCOM, SCSM, SCO)

• Fastest delivery of critical information to the right people and their Response

• Notifications with tracking and escalations via voice (with text-to-speech), text, push, IM and email

• On-call team management and follow-the-sun alert notifications

• Smartphone apps for mobile alarm and service management for iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Android

• Automated notification channel find-me/follow-me for unmatched reliability

• 2-way notifications with status and ownership updates

• Instant runbook & IT automation job execution from smartphones to resolve IT incidents

• Mobile service management from your Smartphone

• Enterprise-readiness ensures suitability for large-scale installations

Derdack’s Enterprise Alert enables true mobile incident management by automatically notifying the right people at the right time. Our customers get beyond the plain detection of problems and resolve them directly from their smartphones – wherever they are.

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  • 5.0
  • Overall Rating 5 stars

Great Integration

Reviewed by:MWPatterson Reviewed on:1/16/2012

  • 4.5
  • Overall Rating 4.5 stars

An alerting software that has no match

Reviewed by:JeanSA Reviewed on:7/22/2011

  • 4.5
  • Overall Rating 4.5 stars

Very good general experience

Reviewed by:JarlVanderAa Reviewed on:7/18/2011

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