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ProModel Corporation

Enterprise Portfolio Simulator

by ProModel Corporation

Enterprise Portfolio Simulator is based on ProModel’s powerful leading-edge simulation technology combined with a new, web-browser based approach that is 100% online accessible to team members across an organization. The Enterprise Portfolio Simulator environment connects directly to Microsoft
Project Server on a project-by-project basis that you determine, or can be populated directly through its own customizable interface without relying on another system. Merging data from Microsoft Project Server is quick and easy using a strategic roll-up feature that allows you to import detailed project files in a summarized, high-level structure, all while maintaining a link to the project plans for continual updates.

Enterprise Portfolio Simulator combined with Microsoft Project Server leads to an optimal portfolio! Once the Enterprise Portfolio Simulator project repository is populated, comparative “what-if” scenarios can be created and run. The results can be viewed and analyzed through flexible output tables, charts, and graphs. Enterprise Portfolio Simulator integrated with Microsoft Project Server fosters a collaborative environment enabling a more dynamic, proactive, and effective approach to portfolio planning and implementation.

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