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GoAnywhere Services

by Linoma Software

GoAnywhere Services is an on-premises solution that allows for localized control, user management and security of your data. GoAnywhere Services includes the following comprehensive features:

- Enterprise level security features to meet stringent in-house policies and compliance requirements
- FTP server component for standard file transfers
- SFTP server component for secure FTP transfers over SSH
- FTPS server component for secure FTP transfers over SSL/TLS
- HTTPS server component for simple browser-based file transfers
- Highly scalable with support for multiple concurrent file transfer sessions
- Browser-based interface for remote administration and monitoring
- Unlimited administrative users with configurable individual roles
- Wizards and templates for creating trading partner accounts quickly
- Import trading partner accounts from other systems
- Trading partner permission controls for specific services (FTP, SFTP, FTPS, HTTPS), actions (e.g. upload, download, etc.) and directories
- Event Triggers - Send email alerts or perform actions on files when user-defined events occur (e.g. upload, download, invalid login, etc.)
- Integrated key management tools for SSH Keys and SSL/TLS Certificates
- Detailed audit logs (with support for SYSLOG feeds) for all activity (e.g. logins, file transfers, errors and other events)
- IP filtering at Global and User levels
- No programming or special skills required to set up
- Server centric solution – No PC components required
- With GoAnywhere Gateway, no sensitive information (files, users, passwords, certificates, etc) is stored in the DMZ and no inbound ports need to be opened into the private (internal) network
- Integrates with GoAnywhere Director for a cohesive managed file transfer solution

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