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MICR Check Printing for Microsoft Dynamics GP

by Sikich LLP

Mekorma MICR is the most widely used check creation tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP because it is more than just a MICR printing tool, granting the benefits of Mekorma MICR check printing with completely blank check stock and with pre-printed check stock.

In addition to printing the MICR line on checks, Mekorma MICR solves other payment process difficulties. Mekorma MICR includes features to:

- Make it easy to manage multiple checkbooks
- Greatly reduce check fraud dangers
- Add password protection for check signing
- Easily accommodate specialized stub reporting and formatting needs
- Give you powerful sorting, collating and selection capabilities
- Manage different security levels for different checking accounts

Mekorma MICR is the only MICR check printing package built exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics GP. It is integrated into Microsoft Dynamics GP in a way no other check printing tool can match. Mekorma MICR integrates into both the Microsoft Dynamics GP user interface and the underlying accounting data. Users of Microsoft Dynamics GP find Mekorma MICR screens familiar and easy to learn. Daily users often do not even realize they are using an add-on.

Mekorma MICR is also distinguished by:

- Ease with which users can configure checks and stubs.
- Signature logic which allows you to determine which checks are automatically signed and which are not.
- Variety of information available for the check & stub.
- Extendability to meet special needs of individual companies.
- Ability to configure an unlimited number of checking accounts.
- Additional password protection before check printing

For the most efficient everyday check printing or for specialized payment processing needs, Mekorma MICR is "Certified for Microsoft Dynamics GP."

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