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Microsoft Productivity Hub 2010

by Redmond Technology Partners

The 2010 Productivity Hub provides customers an easy-to-use and adaptable SharePoint site template, coupled with compelling features, Silverlight enhancements, and dozens of training content packs aimed at improving office worker productivity and collaboration.

The 2010 Productivity Hub builds on the foundation of the Productivity Hub for SharePoint 2007 by leveraging key features of the SharePoint 2010 platform related to faceted search, social tagging, and rich media support. Content packs for specific Microsoft products will be available for the 2010 Productivity Hub and will be updated on an ongoing basis by Microsoft. Additional content packs can be developed by customers to facilitate internal training efforts for specific line of business applications or processes.

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MS Productivity Hub 2010 great resource!

Reviewed by:GGignac Reviewed on:4/28/2011

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