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SP Business Suite

by SP Marketplace

SP Business Suite by SP Marketplace harnesses Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 platforms in the cloud or on-premise to deliver new levels of productivity in your organization. This is a comprehensive suite of applications specifically designed for small to medium organizations that require easy to use, quick to deploy and cost effective solutions. The suite was built on Microsoft’s Office 365 platform, and leverages SharePoint, MS Office, Outlook, Lync and other 365 features.

The applications included are:
• Intranet Portal
• Department Portal templates
• IT Support/ Helpdesk
• Human Resources
• Project Management

SP Business Suite was created to:
- Enhance your team collaboration
- Coordinate your customer service
- Automate your business processes
- Provide better visibility into your business
- Extend accessibility to tablets and smart phones
- Runs on SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013!

Take your organization to a new level of productivity, service and sales.

All applications are 100% configurable without programming using standard SharePoint features.

Rather the traditional consulting services approach of building everything, we leverage applications built on SharePoint that work out-of-box and can be configured to meet your organization's specific needs. We call this approach - Application Provisioning. With Application Provisioning, you start with the base applications and we will deploy and customize it for you. Your business can also choose your branding and add web parts as needed.

The advantage of this approach is less cost, faster deployments and the ability to perform phased deployments. Power up your Office 365 or on-premise SharePoint environment quickly with SP Marketplace.

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  • Overall Rating 5 stars

Revved up our 365 benefits! Literally transformed the way we do things.

Reviewed by:Jason_Slator Reviewed on:11/8/2013

  • 5.0
  • Overall Rating 5 stars

Business apps in a box for our company!

Reviewed by:JohnONeal Reviewed on:11/8/2013

  • 5.0
  • Overall Rating 5 stars

Fully functional business app for a very low price

Reviewed by:SMT_Apps Reviewed on:7/1/2013

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