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Serenic Navigator for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

by AVF Consulting Inc

Serenic Navigator for Microsoft Dynamics is a complete financial management/fund accounting solution for your organization.

AVF Consulting has been a Serenic Navigator partner since 2000 and our customers include: SEIU, Gifts In Kind, International Planned Parenthood, The Jane Goodall Institute, NACCRRA and American Urological Association. Visit us at Review some of the details below to see how your organization can benefit from Serenic Navigator.

Serenic Navigator for Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows you to:
-Manage multiple funds efficiently with automated balancing of funds.
-Increase the efficiency of your procurement functions.
-Have instant access to critical financial data across any time frame.
-Eliminate tedious and expensive paper-based approvals and budgetary controls. -Empower non-accounting users through user portals for data entry, inquiry and reporting.
-Secure your long-term investment in technology with unparalleled data integrity.

With Serenic Navigator you can implement an accounting system without compromising between great functionality and great technology. Microsoft Navision provides great fund accounting software, as well as a comprehensive "ERP" solution to handle inventory, sales orders and job cost. Serenic Navigator ensures that each fund is balanced automatically at both the fund and fund class levels. Due to/from entries are generated automatically and are immediately visible to allow you instant inquiry and reporting. Advanced options allow you to distribute control entries for accounts payable and cash transactions, thus eliminating the need for due-to/from entries in many instances Requisitions may be entered by both local and remote users utilizing web portals or Windows, and then tracked all the way through the purchasing, invoicing and payment cycles. All line-level purchase transactions may be electronically verified for budget availability, as well as routed for approvals based on your organizational policies. All electronic transactions are supported by email notifications with customizable text messages. With the ability to allocate transactions as they are entered and posted, plus the ability to check against available budget amounts, Serenic Navigator allows you to anticipate control issues rather than react to them.

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