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Software: SiteScope Converter for Operations Manager

by Infront Consulting Group

The Infront SiteScope Converter automates the conversion of web URL monitors in SiteScope to web URL monitors in Operations Manager. This provides you with the ability to maintain monitoring configuration settings from one platform to another during your planned conversion.

The Infront SiteScope Converter significantly reduces the time required for convert from SiteScope to Operations Manager and eliminates the possibility of human errors and typos when recreating monitors manually.

The Infront SiteScope converter is fully customizable, allowing you to use this opportunity to evaluate how you are currently monitoring and make changes to your monitoring settings in bulk prior to converting the revised monitoring settings to Operations Manager.

The following key features in SiteScope can be migrated to Web URL monitors in Operations Manager.
- Check secure pages using SSL, 128 bit SSL, and client certificates
- Check for specific content on the retrieved Web page
- Check the Web page for change (possible with Infront custom detection module)
- Check for specific error messages
- Check the Web page for a value
- Retrieve detailed download information
- Check XML(possible with Infront custom detection module)

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Conversion was easy and successful

Reviewed by:Anon14 Reviewed on:7/28/2010

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