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WennSoft Signature Job Cost

by WennSoft

WennSoft Signature Job Cost gives project-based businesses the ability to control projects with easy-to-use tools that control costs, manage labor and ultimately improve your bottom line.

With Job Cost, you can:

Manage costs by tracking all components of projects, which includes subcontractors, labor, materials, equipment and more.

Comparing key performance indicators gives clear insight into current vs. past projects. View estimated committed and actual costs for any project or phase of your project. Use convenient drill down features to dig deep into project details.

Closely manage vendors and subcontractors ensuring your projects stay on track. Job Cost makes managing contracts, change orders, permits, proof of insurance, etc. easy, giving you instant access to this critical information when you need it. The solution allows you to easily connect subcontractors and related documents to specific jobs.

Maintain certifications and compliance with powerful reporting tools. Comprehensive change order processes help you respond quickly to new requirements or unexpected delays. Invoicing tools allow for project- or job-level billing. Project data can easily be imported to and exported from Microsoft Project, allowing your project managers to use familiar tools for scheduling and tracking.

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