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Add2Exchange Sync Enterprise Edition

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Add2Exchange is a versatile server-side solution for Exchange, Outlook, and mobile device users who need to automatically sync items between any combination of public and personal folders. Sync calendars, contacts, tasks, posts/mail folders. Using “information relationships”, Add2Exchange can sync items one-way for view only, bi-directional, or in a full mesh. Once installed and set up, the solution works automatically in the background based on the relationship settings and process intervals you selected.

With Add2Exchange, you can:

Sync Exchange public folders to personal folders where it needs to be for mobile workers to view on smartphone and mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, Androids, BlackBerry, etc). Once the information is in the personal folder, the device's sync software takes over from there.

Sync your global address list (GAL) to users so they have a local copy of the corporate address book contacts in their personal folders for viewing on their mobiles.

Sync between two personal folders for shared calendars and contacts -- boss and executive assistant, business partners, or among team members.

Create an aggregate company-wide or department calendar or company address book from your team's personal folder contacts. Automatically get a centralized view of the entire organization or team!

Sync multiple public folders to multiple personal folders.

Use Add2Exchange to monitor an inbox and send a confidential email to another account to notify ‘you’ve got corporate mail’ rather than forwarding outside the company.

Add2Exchange supports Exchange 2010, 2007, 2003, SBS.

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