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I.B.I.S., Inc.

Advanced Supply Chain Software for Microsoft Dynamics AX

by I.B.I.S., Inc.

Increasingly complex global supply chain operations, shrinking margins, more demanding customers and vendors, and unprecedented competition have created a new business imperative for distributors and manufacturers: reduce supply chain execution costs while simultaneously delivering innovative, value-added services. But yesterday’s ERP systems were not designed for today’s challenges. You need a supply chain solution designed for a new generation; one that manages demand rather than just responding to it, that delivers operational and innovation excellence, and one that is designed with a networked, rather than linear approach to global supply. You need Advanced Supply Chain Software.

Recognize market changes such as price fluctuations to preserve profits. Respond to customers without hesitation - confident you are giving them the right information the first time. Connect to the global marketplace for real time collaboration with suppliers and customers.

Advanced Supply Chain Software delivers better visibility through real-time reports and alerts to management, customers and vendors on the status of the business. A fully integrated system - website to front office to warehouse - providing employees, vendors and customers access to information to make informed decisions.

Advanced Supply Chain Software will automate workflows, eliminate duplication and reduce wasted time spent searching for documents and inventory. Accurate, responsive inventory management will make customers happy and optimize cash flow.

Built on Dynamics AX 2012, Advanced Supply Chain Software provides you with four stand-alone or integrated supply chain suites, including:

• Advanced Revenue Management
• Advanced Order Management
• Advanced Inventory Management
• Advanced Demand Planning
• Advanced Fulfillment Management
• Advanced Business Intelligence

Advanced Supply Chain Software, powered by I.B.I.S., Inc., combines deep understanding of the supply chain industry together with the latest Microsoft technology to offer software that goes much deeper and much broader than the generic solutions.

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