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AIM Vision: ERP and EDI Software Solutions for Automotive Manufacturers

by AIM Computer Solutions

AIM Computer solutions has been servicing the repetitive automotive supplier community for over 19 years. Within this unique and demanding niche community, AIM is well known with close affiliations to the Automotive Industry Action Group, the Precision Metalforming Association, and other repetitive and contract supplier centric organizations.

AIM AutoSys is the Demand Management Automotive Release Management tool of choice for larger complex users with Microsoft Dynamcis AX or Microsoft Dynamics NAV installed, providing EDI translation delivered with complete mapping, Release Accounting Orders, Demand Smoothing, integrated Bar Code Labeling (AIAG), Shipping & Bar Coded Shippers and Inventory Control.

Features include:

- AIAG Certified for EDI Compliance with X.12 and EDIFACT Standards
- Automotive Supply Chain Management
- In Line Vehicle Sequencing
- 830 and 862 Demand Seaming
- RF based Barcode Entry
- Serial/Lot/Kanban Drill Down and Management
- Complete Blanket Release and CUM Accounting
- Integrated Shipping/Billing/ASN Generation
- Shipping Lineup and Dock Logistics
- Visual Shipment Dispatcher
- Returnable/Expendable Container Tracking
- EDI Alerts
- Retro-billing Management
- Meets TS16949 and MMOG Audit Requirements

AIM Vision is used in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics SL for smaller manufacturers who also require workflow based manufacturing, operation-based Standard Costs, Scrap Accounting, and a PO blanket releasing capability. This Classic Repetivie Manufacturing solution includes: Repetitive Production Scheduling, MRP, CRP, S&OP, Production Control, Lot Control, Outside Processing Tracking and a complete Manufacturing Execution System.

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AIM Software - building software to respond to customer needs

Reviewed by:robw_hltool Reviewed on:7/27/2010

  • 4.5
  • Overall Rating 4.5 stars

AIM Software ... a great value

Reviewed by:dobbiealpha Reviewed on:7/15/2010

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