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AP Automation Software


ACOM offers an end-to-end AP Automation solution that gives greater control over the entire payment process. Like other solutions, ACOM provides imaging and workflow management, but ACOM goes much further, applying the power of electronic processing to close the gaps between purchase order generation and final payment.

Customers enjoy the following benefits from using our AP Automation software:
- Reduction in delays, errors and costs
- Electronic document management saves time, effort, money, and space
- Fully automated and very secure process

With ACOM’s AP automation solution, users can:
- Create and distribute P.O.s electronically, eliminating manual mail delays.
- Automatically capture and index all P.O.s into ACOM’s document management software (or current document management system), facilitating easy reconciliation of orders against scanned packing lists, invoices and other AP documents.
- Once an invoice has been approved, users make payments electronically and automatically generate a payment notification for the recipient.
- All documents for each transaction are linked and stored electronically for easy retrieval of the entire AP packet.
- Retrieved documents can be sent via email as attachments, or made available online in just a few clicks
ACOM’s AP Automation solution offers a key benefit to customers:
- Reduces per-payment costs by up to $2.00
- Reduces document processing costs up to $15.00 per document

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