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Application Control for Windows Server 2008 R2

by Lumension

Lumension Application Control provides complete malware protection and increases IT and end-user productivity by preventing unwanted applications from causing configuration issues and consuming network bandwidth.

You’ll be audit-ready with a detailed audit trail of all application and device execution attempts along with proof that software licenses are in compliance. With no viral attacks to thwart, malware to hunt down, or incompatible applications to invoke the blue screen of death, you can spend more time on other projects instead of constantly fixing computers.

How It Works:
- Discover - Identify all executable files and devices, collect profiles and organize into pre-defined file groups.
- Implement - Assign permissions for applications to run based on executable, user, or user group attributes. Use an application whitelist approach to ensure that only authorized and legal applications can run on a computer. When a user wants to run an application, the OS request at the kernel level is intercepted by the Lumension driver. If the user has rights, then access will be granted. If the application is not known or the user does not have rights, then access will be denied.
- Monitor - Monitor the effectiveness of endpoint security policies in real time and identify potential threats by logging all application execution attempts and recording all policy changes and administrator activities.
- Report - Demonstrate policy compliance and ensure software license compliance to meet Sarbanes Oxley, NERC, HIPAA, PCI, and GLBA requirements by drilling down on suspicious behavior for security or legal follow-up.

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