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bcEDI - Electronic Data Interchange

by Beck Consulting

The BC Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables data interchange between Dynamics NAV and external parties by means of direct file exchange or File Transfer Protocol (FTP). The solution is flexible and allows sales order, transfer order, sales shipment, sales invoice, transfer shipment, warehouse shipment, and item catalogue document data exchanges out of the box.


- XML and flat file data interchange
- Data transformation using Style Sheets (XSLT)
- Data validation using Schema Definitions (XSD)
- E-mail notification
- Extendable to any area of Dynamics NAV
- Data translation for any NAV data table direct file transportation and FTP

By utilizing the latest standards, the solution can be flexed as needed to enable integration with customers, third party logistics (3PL), and virtually any other external business partner. It has been built specifically to make the EDI process in Microsoft Dynamics NAV easy to manage and cost efficient to deploy.

BC EDI is fully integrated with NAV and it is independent of third party software, meaning that there is no need for or dependency on any third party mapping, communication or processing software. All the required tools for transmitting, receiving, and transforming EDI messages in XML, flat file or any other XSLT transformed format are available out of the box.

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