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CA ARCserve High Availability

by CA Technologies

CA ARCserve High Availability (formerly known as CA XOsoft High Availability) provides continuous availability for critical systems, applications and data to maximize business uptime, along with continuous data protection to complement any backup solution – without requiring a complex clustering architecture. It also includes a data rewind feature for fast data recovery after accidental or malicious data loss and damage. CA ARCserve High Availability monitors your servers and applications and automatically redirects workloads and end-users at the first sign of trouble. Or you can set protection for push-button failover if you prefer to investigate the issue first. It can be deployed using a failover server on the LAN or across the WAN to any remote location for both business continuity and disaster recovery purposes. It can also be used to migrate systems and data from physical to virtual servers and from old servers to new servers. CA ARCserve High Availability includes automated recovery testing that won’t interrupt the work environment or continuous monitoring and data protection. CA ARCserve High Availability is available from an international channel partner (reseller) network.

CA ARCserve High Availability provides the following critical features:

- Full-system high availability protecting the Windows operating system, system state, application and data
- Windows, Linux and UNIX support on physical and virtual servers
- CA ARCserve Assured Recovery® for automated non-disruptive recovery testing
- Individual server and server group failover for flexibility with server farm deployments, content management systems and Web sites
- Data Rewind for integrated continuous data protection (CDP)
- Continuous and periodic replication to help balance network resources with the desired level of protection
- Offline synchronization for large Windows-based data sets and databases for shorter time-to-protection
- Unified Web-based management console with built-in redundancy and failover for high availability
- Application-aware replication and failover for Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, IIS and Dynamics CRM as well as Oracle and Blackberry for auto configuration and transactional integrity. Other applications can be protected with a simple custom script.
- Integration with CA ARCserve Backup for combined backup, replication and high availability managed in a single console

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