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E-Markets, Inc.

CINCH AgriBusiness Suite + Microsoft Dynamics GP

by E-Markets, Inc.

The CINCH AgriBusiness Suite is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP to provide business solutions to the Ag Retail, Agronomy, Grain Processing, Grain Merchandising, Cooperative Accounting, Milling, Seed Production, Ethanol, and Bio-Fuels industries.  

To meet the unique requirements of Agribusiness, E-Markets developed CINCH Sales, Seed, Grain, Process Mfg, Patronage and Agronomy modules to bring Ag specific functionality to Microsoft Dynamics GP such as:

- Unique UOM for inventory transactions
- re-pay & split invoicing to accommodate your customers’ business relationships
- Trading functionality
- Futures market settlement/tracking
- Agronomy planning & fertilizer blending
- Process manufacturing & product costing
- Web service-based integration to other industry applications
- Grain purchasing/trading
- Flexible patronage accounting
- Seed processing/blending

These features result in more efficient business processes, allowing CINCH customers to make timely decisions with current business information.

With backgrounds in running and working in Ag, E-Markets brings industry experience to every customer interaction.

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