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CitiTech Systems, Inc.

CitiTech Management Software

by CitiTech Systems, Inc.

CitiTech Systems, Inc. is a Microsoft Certified Partner, a distinction it has held for over four years. It specializes in maintenance management and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for city and county public works, road and utility departments. With over 20 years experience, it has successfully implemented CitiTech Management Software (CMS) in departments across the United States and Canada.

Its software solution focuses on applying leading-edge technology tools with maintenance management and Business Process Improvement principles to improve operations, control costs and provide better service to the communities they serve. It is one of the few applications designed specifically for public works and road departments that ties all department operations into one comprehensive application, links seamlessly with GIS and other applications and is truly GASB-34 compliant. It combines Work Management, Asset Management, Resource Management, activity-based Fund Accounting and GIS integration into a comprehensive, user-centric solution.

Public Works and road departments have critical responsibilities. They provide basic services, such as water, sewer and trash collection, and maintain the infrastructure (i.e., roads, bridges, signs, parks, buildings and other items). They are major cost centers, usually the second-highest budget item and have the largest capital and consumable inventories of any department. They are have a diverse mission statement and are most susceptible to tight budgets, rising costs, increased workloads and demands for greater accountability.

Combining maintenance management techniques with Business Process Improvement principles not only meets the functional requirements of this important department; it also improves the process of planning, scheduling, performing and evaluating work. This integration has been shown to increase productivity by 20%, reduce labor costs by 10-20% and lower overall maintenance costs by 5-15%.

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