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contractERP® is a business software for distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, and installers of building product, materials or commercial equipment.

Unlike the traditional wholesale distributor who purchases the majority of their inventory to maintain stock levels to sell from, this segment of the distribution market is purchasing or shop building special ordered material to satisfy a negotiated job or sales contract.

Job or Project-based sales are commonly fulfilled over a long period of time; often in phases; with complex billing models; and are often subject to numerous requests to change material requirements associated to these contracts, complicating the purchasing and shipping process.

Some of the key features of our solution include:

- Integration points to industry-specific bidding and detailing systems
- Contract management with real-time visibility into every transaction associated to the contract
- Material delivery, purchasing, and shop floor schedule management
- Accurate handling of standard and non-standard inventory
- Specialized product configuration wizards during sales entry
- Complex billing models including AIA requisitioning and lump sum invoicing
- Over-the-counter sales for both account and cash transactions

Construction Building Product and Building Material Focuses include:

Construction Industry - Divisions 5-14

• Metals
• Wood, Plastics & Composites
• Thermal & Moisture Protection
• Architectural Openings
• Door & Hardware
• Windows & Glazing
• Finishes
• Specialties
• Equipment
• Furnishings
• Special Construction
• Conveying Equipment

Services - Divisions 21-28

• Fire Suppression
• Plumbing
• Integrated Automation
• Electrical
• Electronic Safety & Security

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Changed the way we do business. A must have!

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