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ARX, Inc.

CoSign Digital Signature Solution

by ARX, Inc.

ARX CoSign is the leading standard digital signature solution among enterprises and government agencies worldwide. CoSign is the proper and proven digital signature engine for business applications in the enterprise and in the cloud. And CoSign is the only signature engine that complies with the technical standards, and meets regulation and business requirements across vertical industries, governments, and geographies.

Organizations throughout the world invest millions of dollars each year in automating their operations and business processes. As result, electronic documentation permeates every aspect of the business workflow in industries ranging from engineering and healthcare to government and life sciences. Despite this, a hard copy is printed when a signature authorization is required on a document, requiring physical routing for signatures. The reintroduction of paper into the workflow increases organizational costs, requires additional time, and prohibits an organization from realizing the true benefits of a fully electronic workflow.

Digital signature solutions produce legally enforceable electronic records, closing the gap in going fully paperless by completely eliminating the need to print documents for signing. Digital signatures enable the replacement of slow and expensive paper-based approval processes with fast, low-cost, and fully digital ones.

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