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Global Interactive Solutions, LLC

Desktop Videoconferencing Solution

by Global Interactive Solutions, LLC

Desktop Videoconferencing from your boardroom Polycom, TANDBERG, LifeSize or Sony system with any Windows Desktop user.

Interactive Multi-Point solution with built-in live streaming and recording as well as on demand playback using industry standards such as H.323 (Video over IP), H.320 (Video over ISDN), H.239 (Data Sharing). Playback via Windows MediaPlayer. We utilize Microsoft's Windows Server 2003, XP, Vista, Windows Server 2008 and more.


- On the fly audio, video and data conferencing from any notebook to other notebook users or standard H.323 (IP) or H.320 (ISDN) room based videoconferencing participants – Dial-in our dial-out.

- Service: don’t have to invest in expensive hardware
- Works from anywhere: Office, Hotel, Home, Clients, etc.;
- Just works: no router changes/ firewall issues;
- No need for IT personnel to set it up
- Encryption/ Security
- Long distance is free
- Charged by the minute or ask for package deals


- Share / present data: i.e. PowerPoint, Excel, Word etc.; Show entire desktop (computer training) or specific application in high resolution

- Multiple screen layouts: Speaker Site Highlighting, Site Name Display

- Multi-Point Videoconferencing on the fly: screen layout dynamically change as more video participants enter the meeting Moderator Control: Mute participants, disconnect participants, invite participants, enable streaming, lock meeting, terminate meeting etc.

- Live Chat built-in: Private and Public Chat Add phone on-only participants on the fly- dial out or have them dial into

- Enable live video streaming on the fly: video and data streams open in separate scalable windows

- Lock meeting: no one else can join (security), User and Moderator Password

- Send out pre-written invitations directly via Microsoft Outlook

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