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Lack of Virtual Document support is one the most common reasons consumers pass up SharePoint in favor of more expensive document management systems, like Documentum. The docBlock Ascend appliance adds Virtual Document support to SharePoint.

Virtual documents allow SharePoint to compete head to head with high-end document management (DM) systems, like Documentum. docBlock Ascend enables several key DM usage scenarios through virtual document enhancements to SharePoint:

- Team-based (concurrent) document authoring
- Document authoring with external users
- Geographically distributed document authoring
- Sensitive document authoring
- Combined automated and human document authoring

SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 have many new features, including new co-authoring capabilities in Microsoft Word. While co-authoring is a great addition to Office 2010, co-authoring is not enough of a feature enhancement to SharePoint to make SharePoint a true document management platform. Organizations require the power of Virtual Documents to help SharePoint fulfill its potential for advanced document management.

docBlock Ascend’s Virtual Documents enhance the document management capabilities of SharePoint 2007 and 2010 beyond concurrent authoring. Here is a summary of enhancements docBlock Ascend Virtual Documents provide over out of the box SharePoint 2010 and Word 2010 features:

- Granular concurrency control
System prevents one person from overwriting another person’s edits to a document section without need for conflict resolution.

- Granular governance
System provides direct support for versioning, permissions, alerts, workflows, and audit trails down to the level of document sections.

- Enhanced document authoring task management
Editors and reviewers may be assigned on a document section by document section basis through integrated task management.

- Document structure management
Specialized user interface to manage the structure of each Virtual Document and its sections as a single entity.

Black Blade Associates has been involved with the SharePoint platform for many years. We have helped many customers get the most out their SharePoint implementations. Let us show you how docBlock Ascend's virtual documents can help you get additional ROI from your SharePoint document management investment.

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