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Fastpath, Inc.

Fastpath GRC Studio

by Fastpath, Inc.

Fastpath GRC Studio is a security access certification and segregation of duties compliance tool that gives organizations the ability to monitor access across multiple, disparate systems from a single platform.

Our solution enables efficient data gathering and risk identification allowing users to have a greater focus on analysis and evaluation of controls while the built-in workflow allows users to propose, approve and implement conflict resolutions/mitigations throughout the review process.

Designed by auditors for auditors, Fastpath GRC Studio is a comprehensive, interactive tool providing continuous controls monitoring helping users to better understand their security while effectively meeting the needs of their internal and external audit teams.


- Analyze risks & conflicts across multiple, disparate systems
- Single platform for automated security analysis and documentation
- Integrations with ERPs, CRM/XRM, Legacy and Custom applications
- Customizable report set with automated delivery
- Standalone applications with minimal performance impact


- Cross system security access and segregation of duties analysis
- Promotes consistent application of conflict identification and resolution
- Robust documentation to meet your auditors needs
- Implementation measured in weeks not months for rapid ROI
- Repeatable automation provides continuous compliance

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