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OpCon - Automation and Task Scheduling

by Software & Management Associates (SMA)

OpCon is a Microsoft-Certified Cross-platform automation and task/job scheduling product. OpCon is used in heterogeneous data centers around the world. In many of these sites OpCon automatically schedules and executes in excess of 100,000 tasks per day, on platforms ranging from small Windows and Linux Servers up to and including the largest mainframes.

In addition to having all the facilities expected of a traditional Job Scheduling product, OpCon is also Event-driven and is able to automatically initiate workflows across all platforms based on, for example, the arrival of a file, or based on a message from a Management/Monitoring product or from an application.

OpCon has been used in high-volume, mission-critical data centers since 1996. Due to the products ease of use and ease of implementation, customers typically see a very rapid return on investment.

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Powerful and efficient, very easy to manage

Reviewed by:mauricioariassandoval Reviewed on:10/29/2011

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