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SysOp Tools, Inc.

Password Reminder Pro

by SysOp Tools, Inc.

Password Reminder Pro from SysOp Tools helps you reduce user frustration and IT support overhead related to managing a domain password change policy or expiring temporary user accounts. For use with Microsoft Active Directory (AD) 2000/2003, Password Reminder Pro runs on Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and more. Password Reminder Pro can also be used with any mail system such as Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003/2007, Novell, Linux, or mixed systems. Perfect for SOX/PCI compliance efforts, Password Reminder Pro makes it easy for you to do the following: - Send Windows password expiration reminders to internal and external domain account users automatically via customized email- Audit all domain user accounts with the included Report Console and maintain a secure AD- Receive notification of expiring temporary user domain accounts- Receive a daily summary report of password expiration reminders sent to users as well as potential problem accounts to review Any organization or company that enforces a Windows domain password change policy for compliance reasons (SOX/HIPAA/PCI/GLB), and/or manages expiring user accounts (temp workers, etc.), will immediately benefit. Using Password Reminder Pro in your domain to notify users of expiring passwords and notify management of expiring temporary accounts overcomes several Windows, AD, and Outlook Web Access (OWA) limitations which lead to frustrated users, increased help desk calls, and increased security risks. Benefits include the following: - Install easily: Password Reminder PRO takes 5 minutes to install and configure and requires no coding - Lower support desk calls, keep users productive, and reduce the added overhead costs associated with supporting a change-password environment - Eliminate lost productivity for temp workers and subsequent support calls - you'll always know what's coming Password Reminder PRO is the perfect “fail safe” reminder and audit tool to have in place for supporting all internal and external domain users with expiring passwords. Stop wasting valuable time resetting passwords for expired password users. It can help you lower your support desk calls, keep your users working, and raise user satisfaction.Learning:→ Quick Start Guide (pdf)→ Features and Settings Guide (pdf)→ Network Diagram (pdf)→ Custom Email Reminder Templates (zip)→ License Count Utility (zip)→ Online KnowledgeBase and Whitepaper Library

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Password Reminder PRO: 5 Stars for reducing expiring password support calls

Reviewed by:Tech-Wizard Reviewed on:5/16/2009

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