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Rock Solid Technologies, Inc.

Respond - Citizen Services Platform

by Rock Solid Technologies, Inc.

Respond is a citizen services solution designed to help local governments improve service delivery by efficiently managing interactions with citizens. Built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 platform, it is used by our customers to provide consistent, accurate information and efficient service request management to their citizens.

Based on a 360˚ view of citizen information that includes contacts and all activity history, it provides information and tools to manage your organization's service efforts. Organizations large and small can benefit from using Respond by quickly enabling a path for enhancing collaboration within agencies, departments and among all levels of government.

Respond is used in decentralized environments in which each department continues to take information and services requests from citizens, as well as in centralized 311 call centers. In both environments, Respond automatically routes the request to the appropriate department.

Respond allows you to effectively communicate and connect with your citizens requesting information and services. Our expert team can help you get started with our comprehensive -yet simple- solution that is:

- Designed specifically for the needs of city, county and local government agencies in the U.S.
- Insightful with reports, notifications and meaningful- at a glance- visualizations, so you can always be "in the know"
- Low risk on demand subscription with only monthly per user fees, priced to meet your budget
- Rapidly configured, accessible from anywhere, and hosted securely in the Microsoft cloud.

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