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Sana Commerce

Sana Commerce – e-Commerce for Dynamics NAV and AX

by Sana Commerce

Sana Commerce is the integrated e-Commerce platform for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX, which can be set up in days. Sana Commerce is seamlessly integrated, meaning that the interfaces are partly implemented within Dynamics as a certified extension. This way, business logic is non-redundantly used within the webstore, whereas Sana adds content management possibilities for web store and product enrichment.

Business for everyone
The Sana e-Business solution can be set up as an online retail store for consumers (B2C), as a Sales Portal for business customers or sales agents (B2B), or serves all roles simultaneously (B2X). Conversion is boosted by related products, check-out offers, coupons and discounting as calculated through Dynamics. Business customers benefit from customer specific pricing, ordering lists and quick order facilities, whereas sales agents can represent their customers and see their specific prices, order history and pending orders.

Sana supports multi-language, multiple currencies, and multi-store, connecting to one or more companies within one or multiple Dynamics NAV or AX instances.

Live in a few days
Sana Commerce comes with a pre-deployed, fully functional Starter Site that can be set up in days. It is professionally styled and its design can be customized without technical knowledge. Furthermore, the Starter Site provides an integrated (faceted) search option, which takes both business data from NAV or AX and web content from Sana into account when filtering down search results to the desired products. The Sana Commerce front-end editor allows for user-friendly content management, right from within the storefront of your webshop.

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