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InRule for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (0 Reviews)
InRule for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a BRMS tightly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It provides intuitive software to write, manage, share and execute calculations, rules, and other decision logic...
Release Date: 11/1/2012
Version: 1.0
Bid and Capture Management for SharePoint (0 Reviews)
Capture Management Software for Government Proposals using SharePoint is critical in today world. With competition increasing in today’s government RFP and proposal based environment, winning new business...
Release Date: 10/17/2012
CreditSoft (0 Reviews)
CreditSoft is a SQL Server based Windows application that allows companies to manage debt portfolios. CreditSoft contains several features especially designed for credit counseling and debt settlement...
Release Date: 2/7/2013
Version: 8
eXtend ERP (0 Reviews)
eXtend ERP is a full-featured ERP application designed for the equipment dealership business. eXtend offers and supports a comprehensive set of industry’s best practices, and rapid deployment tools to...
HomeOwner and Property Management CRM Solution (0 Reviews)
The TechHouse Homeowner and Property Management CRM solution delivers Dynamics CRM optionally with Dynamics GP or QuickBooks integration. TechHouse developed the Homeowner and Property Management CRM...
Version: 4
MoveDesk (0 Reviews)
MoveDesk is a revolutionary software application that enables moving and storage companies to simplify processes, reduce costs, increase revenues and improve customer experience. MoveDesk combines sales...
Release Date: 12/3/2012
Version: 1.0.0
Proximity Locator (0 Reviews)
Make significantly better sales, marketing and customer service decisions by knowing where your business locations are in relation to where your customers and prospects are located. Proximity Locator...
Release Date: 10/1/2012
Version: 2.0
ResultsPlus CRM and Donor Management Software (0 Reviews)
ResultsPlus is designed to be highly intuitive and to support the way you work. From planning your day to interacting with your constituents and donors to tracking your dollars to reporting and analyzing...
Release Date: 1/27/2014
Version: 11.5
Savitas Sales Accelerator (0 Reviews)
A simple yet powerful solution to get access to your business data from outside of your office. Using Savitas Sales Accelerator you will be able to see up the minute sales and production information...
Release Date: 8/15/2014
Version: 1.0
TantaComm Capture (0 Reviews)
When you are responsible for the success of a contact center, you need to know all you can about customer interaction to mitigate risk and maintain a compliant organization. The first step is capturing...
Release Date: 3/31/2013
Version: v2013