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Powertrak Partner Portal for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013
The Powertrak Partner Portal is a web-based application that allows a manufacturer’s established partner (usually a distributor, reseller, installer, service provider, or other strategic partner) to...
Release Date: 5/1/2011
Version: v10
SharePoint Composer
SharePoint Composer transforms a deeply technical exercise into a visual, intuitive experience and significantly eases the design and implementation of SharePoint 2010 Server Farms. SharePoint Composer...
Release Date: 10/11/2010
Version: 2010
AUTOCAD DWG (xRef) PlugIn for SharePoint -- ShareCAD
PHASE 2 International www.phase2.com is a Hawaii based Software as a Service (SaaS) company.  We have made significant in-roads with large engineering and architecture clients whose operations are heavily...
Accelerate360 (0 Reviews)
Experience the full power of SharePoint, online or offline, with our product offering, Accelerate360. Accelerate360 is a lightweight software client, installed on each user's personal computer. After...
Version: v2.3.223
Adinfinitum (0 Reviews)
Adinfinitum is an online suite of services that increases customer satisfaction and reduces your internal costs. Key benefits: - Minimal cost. Fully managed hosted service avoids IT overhead or capital...
Agility Datasheet 2009 (0 Reviews)
Agility is a smart client click once application. There is no complex, expensive software that needs to be installed or maintained on your PC. No Java applets, Windows DLLs, or browser plug-ins are...
Alert Manager for SharePoint (0 Reviews)
Alert Manager for SharePoint by SharePoint Solutions, a best-of-breed solution, is designed to provide robust SharePoint alert management capabilities, including the ability to "push" alerts to multiple...
AltaReturn Investor Portal for Private Equity (0 Reviews)
AltaReturn Investor Portal lets you be creative and innovative in your approach to communications. Present each investor with information that is pertinent to their organization, from their first welcome...
AnyView Browser for Great Plains (0 Reviews)
AnyView Browser improves productivity by providing secure inquiry access to your Great Plains Solution from anywhere. - Enable customers to find out critical business information (like when an order...
AnyView Portal - Business Analytics and Reporting (0 Reviews)
Collect, organize, manage and display business information when and where you need it with web-enabled AnyView™ Portal. Today, data is plentiful—but accurate, timely information is scarce. We receive...