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Aurora (0 Reviews)
Aurora is an identity-based technology that provides users remote access to your organization’s Windows Server 2012 and 2008 network file system. Using Microsoft Active Directory, an authenticated Aurora...
Release Date: 6/20/2012
Version: 1
Galileo (0 Reviews)
Galileo is a reporting solution that gathers extensive information pertaining to unstructured data stored across your enterprise network, and then reports on this data and its associated security,...
Release Date: 4/9/2013
Version: 1
Groupsymmetry (0 Reviews)
Groupsymmetry automates Active Directory group memberships in real-time. Through Active Directory enacted policies, Groupsymmetry adds users to or deletes users from groups according to the definitions of...
Release Date: 3/1/2012
Version: 1
Kanaka for Active Directory (0 Reviews)
Kanaka for Active Directory provides Mac OS X users single login access to Microsoft Windows Server network home directory and collaborative storage resources in Active Directory. As an identity-based...
Release Date: 2/28/2013
Version: 2.7
Mail Express (0 Reviews)
Mail Express enables Microsoft Outlook or web email users to send and receive large files on demand – removing a widely recognized email infrastructure constraint. Users can simply and transparently send...
Release Date: 4/17/2014
Version: 4.0.3
Pointspin (0 Reviews)
Pointspin enables users and groups to publish and host Websites from the confines of their Windows Server 2012 & 2009 network storage. With Pointspin, the process is as simple as a user placing Website...
Release Date: 5/2/2012
Version: 1
iMediaFlow (0 Reviews)
iMediaFlow is a media asset management solution that allows corporations to manage and control access to their media collection from a central database. The solution offers sophisticated management tools...
Version: 1.2
OpenText NFS Client (Network File System) (0 Reviews)
Open Text NFS Client is a Network File System (NFS) client implementation on Windows platforms. As an integral part of any corporate storage strategy, they allow Windows users to access NFS-based storage...
OpenText NFS Server (Network File System) (0 Reviews)
Open Text NFS Server is a must have software solution for any company that employs a Windows-centric NAS solution in a multi-platform IT environment. Network File System (NFS) is one of the most...
OpenText NFS Solo (Network File System) (0 Reviews)
The advanced Network File System (NFS) features strong security, seamless integration with the Microsoft Windows operating systems, and comprehensive support for enterprise directory services make Open...