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WennSoft Signature Equipment Management (0 Reviews)
WennSoft Signature Equipment Management allows you to maintain control of the profitability, utilization, management, distribution, scheduling, rental and maintenance of your equipment. WennSoft...
Release Date: 6/28/2013
Version: 2012
ABS LS (Automotive Business Solution - Leasing system) (0 Reviews)
Automotive Business Solution – Leasing system (ABS LS) focuses on helping our clients in every dimension of their leasing operations. ABS LS allows you to work with the wide range of leasing objects...
Release Date: 9/9/2008
Version: 1.2
The 4Site strategic asset management solution delivers the clear vision organizations need to leverage critical assets for competitive advantage: - Maximize uptime and keep repair costs to a minimum...
Release Date: 1/14/2011
Version: 6.1
BDNA Normalize CM (0 Reviews)
BDNA Normalize CM takes inventory data collected by ConfigMgr normalizes it to a common format and naming convention, clarifying vendor names, product names and versions. It uses add-remove-programs and...
Release Date: 2/6/2012
Version: 3.0
Energy Forecasting and Load Research (0 Reviews)
To help balance supply with demand in today’s energy marketplace, you need forecasts that are second to none. Itron’s forecasting solutions—comprised of accurate load data, state-of the art software tools...
Field Mapplet (0 Reviews)
Field Mapplet is the most advanced mapping and GIS enabled framework for enabling all types of field workflows. Field Mapplet displays the location and relevant information about your field work and...
Release Date: 4/1/2012
Version: 7
FileOnQ (0 Reviews)
FileOnQ™ bridges the gap between paper, physical and electronic information, reducing risk, improving compliance, and saving time and money in one easy-to-use, barcode-based platform. FileOnQ™ brings...
Release Date: 8/15/2013
Version: 7.0
InControl MasterControl Suite (0 Reviews)
The MasterControl Suite lets organizations automate the process of IT inventory discovery through the intelligent collection and normalization of asset information, without using software agents....
Version: 4.0
IPS (0 Reviews)
IPS AdvisorPro makes Investment Policy Statements simple to create and efficient to use. With an encrypted, secure web-based environment, you’ll enjoy the flexibility of working with IPS AdvisorPro in the...
Release Date: 2/7/2013
Premier eTitleLien (0 Reviews)
Premier eTitleLien is a program developed by Decision Dynamics Incorporated (DDI) for lienholders desiring to manage their vehicle titles electronically. Premier eTitleLien provides an electronic...