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4S.Klondike: Quickly Analyze Pairs Trading Potential Across Securities (0 Reviews)
4S.Klondike quickly mines large volumes of securities data to identify pairs trading opportunities using time series analysis based on correlation, volatility, ratios, regression and other analytics. 4S...
Agenda Central (0 Reviews)
Agenda Central provides an enterprise-wide coordination for public meetings. Through the use of Microsoft technologies including SharePoint, Agenda Central automates the agenda process from scheduling...
CogFinServe a AI based Low Latency Algo Trading Platform (0 Reviews)
CogFinServe is a AI based Self learning Algorithmic Trading Platform with built in features for optimizations and Low latency trading. CogFinServe with Integrated CogMessaging Platform provides ultrafast...
Release Date: 1/22/2010
Version: v5.432.101
Cognosys Sales & CRM solutions (0 Reviews)
Cognosys CRM is designed for Managers who dont have time to spend months trying to learn how to operate a CRM solution.with Builtin KPI, Business Intelligence- Dashboards and drill down Reports,Cog CRM is...
Release Date: 1/26/2012
Version: 4.505
FWi Cloud Services (0 Reviews)
Over almost a decade, Four Winds Interactive has become one of the premiere digital signage solution providers in the world. Having implemented some of the largest and most innovative signage networks,...
Release Date: 10/31/2013
iFamily (0 Reviews)
Aspen iAgent is a web-based REO property management system for real estate agents, that allows you to manage your sales and property management tasks in a secure environment. Aspen iProperty is an REO...
Version: 4.20
Low Latency Messaging Service (0 Reviews)
Cognosys Technologies Low Latency Messaging Service: Market Data Distribution solution caters to millions of end users and gives ultra fast real time data access. The Low Latency Messaging Service is...
Release Date: 10/20/2011
Version: V110.12
NuclearIQ (0 Reviews)
GCR’s first nuclear data management system was developed in 1994. Since that time, GCR has continuously upgraded and improved the system to keep up with the latest technologies. In 2010, GCR introduced a...
Release Date: 6/25/2013
Retail Networking (0 Reviews)
New West Technologies has provided quality networking services and support since 1992. We assess your company's specific networking needs and design a robust cost effective solution for your business. We...
Release Date: 1/1/2011
Version: 1
Software as a Service (SaaS) Provider (0 Reviews)
The implementation of a new software solution does not in itself achieve desired business results. Our consultants focus on defining the desired business results then coordinate management support, end...