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OEM Hardware System Builder (0 Reviews)
Sherlock is a hardware IT Integration based company that develops custom-built systems for specialized software applications and PC based Control Devices. Established in 1985, we have focused on helping...
Office 365 Building Block for Windows Azure (0 Reviews)
On-Premise, Online or Windows Azure to Office 365 Authentication module: When your application running on-premise or on Azure needs to push data into Office 365, authentication becomes the first step to...
Release Date: 7/11/2011
Version: 1
Office 365 Building Block for Windows Phone (0 Reviews)
When your application on Windows Phone 7 needs to integrate with Office 365, there are no tools or libraries to enable remote authentication to Office 365 SharePoint. Additionally, on Phone, with the...
Release Date: 7/11/2011
Version: 1
Office 365 Solutions (0 Reviews)
Office 365 delivers enterprise-class capabilities at a small-business expense, equipping you with everything you need to transform your business at a price you can afford. Including rich in cloud...
Office Automation Tools (0 Reviews)
Business Pak is the cornerstone product of KI Systems Office Automation Tools 2007, all other Office Automation Tool components are built around the Business Pak. The Business Pak includes a variety of...
OfficeWriter (0 Reviews)
OfficeWriter is the leading solution for automating the generation, reading, and manipulation of Microsoft Office documents in .NET applications. Developers can use OfficeWriter to build robust document...
Release Date: 7/9/2013
Version: 8.5.1
Offshore Development (0 Reviews)
SphereGen offers repeatable affordable blended offshore/onsite development model, providing extensive custom software development for our clients. Single generation witnessed extreme shifts in technology...
Offsite Backup Services (0 Reviews)
How confident are you that your data could be restored? If you are not backing up your network...or if you are, but have never tested your backups by performing a full system restore, you are at high risk...
Oil and Gas Industry Logistical Solutions (0 Reviews)
With the ever-increasing demand for oil, it’s become very important that production down times be reduced, right? Quite a task, given the complex logistics management involved, you’ll agree. Thankfully...
Oil and Gas Software Solution (0 Reviews)
Take control of your oil & gas properties with the Oil & Gas Operator package from WolfePak, using the Oil & Gas Operator package to maintain all aspects of your accounting needs from general ledger to...