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Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers
Put vivid signatures, airtight disclaimers and virtual business cards on every email sent, even from smartphones, and auto-customize them for different readers. Branding can go above or below your most...
Exclaimer Signature Manager
Ensure your emails are legally compliant whilst growing your corporate and brand image with Exclaimer Signature Manager. Create and manage customised email signatures for Microsoft Outlook with your...
Skelta BPM & Workflow Software
Skelta Business Process Management (BPM) built on the Microsoft .NET platform provides enterprises with a strong and collaborative platform that automates the sequence of human, system and document...
Release Date: 1/26/2011
Version: 2011
Active Directory Manager Pro (0 Reviews)
The Active Directory Manager Pro is a comprehensive Web-based solution that increases security, improves productivity and automates User Provisioning and Group Management while proving compliance in...
Release Date: 6/10/2013
Version: 4.01
Ascentis HR, Ascentis Payroll, and Ascentis Employee Self-Service (0 Reviews)
Ascentis HR helps eliminate paper trails and prevent costly errors in benefits data. It builds on the latest technologies from Microsoft, embodying the tools HR departments use on a daily basis, such as...
BDNA Normalize CM (0 Reviews)
BDNA Normalize CM takes inventory data collected by ConfigMgr normalizes it to a common format and naming convention, clarifying vendor names, product names and versions. It uses add-remove-programs and...
Release Date: 2/6/2012
Version: 3.0
Clearview Documents (0 Reviews)
Clearview enables your organization to confidently and securely capture, manage, and access your critical business documents. With the advanced Enterprise Content Management (ECM) functionality in...
Release Date: 3/1/2013
Version: 2012
Collect Savvy (0 Reviews)
Ontario Systems is a proven leader in the accounts receivables industry. Collect Savvy increases collections through innovation rather than effort. This solution measures costs and also controls them....
Version: 1.0
CompliancePoint (0 Reviews)
CompliancePoint has two practice groups, each of which offers a variety of consulting, audit and training services. Direct Marketing Compliance practice group Companies who perform direct marketing must...
DM Director (0 Reviews)
Handshake Software DM Director extends MOSS DM to enable organizations to use SharePoint as their document management system. Based on the industry leading Handshake Software Relationship Framework, DM...
Release Date: 12/1/2010
Version: 2.5