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Safe PST Backup for Outlook
Free Outlook backup tool. Backup Outlook PST files and Exchange folders (OST files with Enterprise Edition). Auto backup Email archive, Contacts and Calendar. Incremental backup will be done regardless if...
Release Date: 8/5/2014
Version: 2.40
Active Navigation Discovery Center (0 Reviews)
Unstructured information is growing out of control. 80% of an organization’s data is unstructured and it is growing at a rate of 40 – 50% each year. Spiraling numbers of Office documents, rich media files...
Release Date: 6/11/2014
Version: 4.3.5
Archive 2-Anywhere (0 Reviews)
Archive 2-Anywhere™ is a software extraction and migration application that enables rapid and secure movement of legacy email records between different archive services. It securely transports your...
Release Date: 11/1/2013
Version: 1.0
ASG-Cypress Suite (0 Reviews)
The ASG-Cypress Suite is a modular, integrated document assembly and delivery system that significantly enhances the management, accessibility, analysis, and distribution of documents contained within its...
Release Date: 2/4/2014
Version: 7.3.1
AventX Print Xpress (0 Reviews)
AventX Print Xpress integrates directly with JD Edwards SQL Server database and Windows based application. It can be installed directly on the JD Edwards Windows Deployment server or another Windows 2008...
Release Date: 2/3/2014
Version: 3.0.00
Bdoc Suite (0 Reviews)
Bdoc Suite: This software suite is specialized in the composition, production, personalization, multichannel diffusion and archiving of all the documents destined for the clients: mail, loan offers,...
Release Date: 4/1/2014
Version: V5.2
ImageResizeTool (0 Reviews)
The tool is designed for Intrafinity implementation team or customers to shrink or resize images which will be used in customer websites. The tool allows users to adjust resolution and image quality and...
Release Date: 3/24/2014
Version: v1.0.0
IT Asset Management (0 Reviews)
About Solution A solution which can provide maximum visibility and control of your IT assets. From adding of new assets along with their service and cost details to asset allocation and de-allocation –...
Release Date: 2/12/2014
Kentico Installation Manager (0 Reviews)
Kentico Installation Manager (also referred to as KIM) is an external utility which enables installation and management of Kentico instances. You can manage all instances installed on a single machine...
Release Date: 3/31/2014
Version: 8.0
Orange County Clinic Referral Network (0 Reviews)
OCCRN Program Description A web-centric electronic referral system that is the result of a collaborative program to leverage information technology to formalize and facilitate referral relationships by...
Release Date: 1/2/2014
Version: 1