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xRM1 Idea Management for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
xRM1 Idea Management is the complete solution for Business Innovation in Microsoft CRM. The complete idea lifecycle, from the idea campaign to submission, concept, evaluation, implementation, idea...
Release Date: 8/4/2014
Version: Rollup 14 - CRM 2013
CRM2Maps - Mapping Tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Utilize Dynamics CRM 2013 with Bing Maps for sales representatives. Effectively manage their face-to-face time with customers and prospects using CRM2Maps. With just one click, you can convert a CRM...
Release Date: 7/22/2014
Version: 2.0
Auto Summary for Dynamics CRM 2011 and CRMOnline
Auto Summary provides you with the ability to store information on a parent record summarised from multiple child records. With Auto Summary for Dynamics CRM 2011 you can sum any source field on all...
Release Date: 7/9/2014
Version: v5.2.0.7
Iconixx Sales (0 Reviews)
An organic solution that makes it simple to design, configure, and manage complex sales compensation plans. You require a sales compensation solution that will increase accuracy of commission payouts and...
Release Date: 6/2/2014
Version: 6.4
Relationship Charts (0 Reviews)
Relationship Charts is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-on that brings CRM data to the Chart, where you can see, modify and build Relationships and Connections and save them back in CRM. People, who work...
Release Date: 7/15/2014
Version: 5.3.1407.15
Revenue Premier Portfolio Warehouse (0 Reviews)
Revenue Solutions, Inc. (RSI's) Revenue Premier Portfolio Warehouse is a commercial off the shelf (COTS) software package exclusively designed for revenue agencies to reduce the compliance "Tax gap" and...
Release Date: 6/11/2014
Version: 3.2.6
Savitas Sales Accelerator (0 Reviews)
A simple yet powerful solution to get access to your business data from outside of your office. Using Savitas Sales Accelerator you will be able to see up the minute sales and production information...
Release Date: 8/15/2014
Version: 1.0
EMIS (0 Reviews)
EMIS.Biz® is our award winning software used in the estate management sector for managing space, facilities and property data. Emis.Biz® has been created, developed and produced by Stanburys predominately...
Release Date: 8/8/2014
Invantive Query Tool (0 Reviews)
Free Query Tool for MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata, IBM DB2/UDB and others. Free Real-time Operational Intelligence Invantive's free Query Tool provides you with real-time Operational Intelligence...
Release Date: 7/1/2014
Version: 2014R1FR
Microsoft Dynamics Social Listening (0 Reviews)
We help businesses already using or planning to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM maximize the derived value from CRM by deploying the Social Listening add-on. Microsoft Social Listening is a powerful...
Release Date: 5/24/2014
Version: SP1